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Family Services Roll-Out, Book Awards, and Wellness Fest Saturday

Digital Detangler Family Services: Recharging Families Through Healthy Digital Habits

Kids are spending unprecedented amounts of time watching videos and playing games online. Transitioning between online and offline can be difficult and tantrum-ridden. Unfortunately, our children are mostly passively watching videos, the most common form of digital engagement for young people. Many parents say it is difficult to raise kids today, largely blaming technology and social media. But kids are not the only ones fascinated by their digital worlds. Parents are now spending as much time with screens as they spend asleep. Kids are tired of parents ignoring them; a third say they feel unimportant when parents are on their phones.

Young people and parents alike want to improve their relationships with technology. More than half of teens have tried to limit social media use. Parents are also eager to make peace with their smartphones and inboxes. The Digital Detangler family service focus on recharging families through healthy digital habits. Through four in-person sessions, families gain a better understanding of where their tech time is going (session one) and make choices to nudge the family toward more mindful use (session two). Session three allows families the opportunity to tweak their choices leading to the final session (session four) where you’ll commit to lasting change.

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Book Awards

Improbable as this would sound to anyone that ever taught me, the book I wrote has won two awards and was a finalist for a third. Much of the credit goes to my incredible, grammar-expert wife (who would have an opinion about if that last comma should really be there) and my other editor April Williams. They made the book both readable and flowy by rejecting non-words like flowy. Melanie Gao gets credit for daring me to write it. Jen Chesak helped me understand the complex world of publishing to keep me from looking like a newb. For more details about the awards check out the links below:

Independent Press Award - Winner

Next Generation Indie Book Award - Winner

National Indie Excellence Award - Finalist

Wellness Fest This Saturday

See Digital Detangler live at the Nashville Health and Wellness Festival this Saturday. The event is from 10am to 5pm. I'll be presenting a workshop (Smartphone Sanity Within Reach: Real World Strategies for Taking Back Control) from 11:45am - 12:30pm and signing books from 1:30pm - 2pm.

Tickets and details found here.


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