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Growing the Team: Internship Available

In the past year Digital Detangler has begun to gain steam to the point that we need some support. The part-time paid internship of five to ten hours a week will focus on staying on top of bookings for speaking engagements. Pass this along to anyone you know who might be interested!

Here are a few more details:


Looking to dive into the world of digital wellness headfirst? Hoping to gain experience as a booking agent in corporate and education sectors?

The intern will work to discover and identify speaking and training opportunities for Digital Detangler. The intern will manage responsibilities related to booking speaking engagements, from business development, customer support, contract origination and negotiation, to event marketing and planning as needed.

Desired Skills:

Ability to craft well-written, professional communications; an intuitive understanding of pricing and negotiation; lack of shyness when communicating with heads of organizations; self-starter attitude; ability to produce creative solutions to roadblocks.

Optional but Desired:

Rapid, creative graphic design; a unique understanding of your own relationship with technology.


Dependent upon experience.


5-10 hours/week. Weekly conversations with founder to adjust direction and provide feedback.


1 month (may be extended based on performance or company needs)

To read more and apply check out:

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