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How much of 2018 will your phone own?

2017 just ended and you may even have made a ridiculous new year's resolution. I can't claim to do much better than the average new year's resolution failure rate of 92%(1). My most ridiculous resolution was that I wanted to stop using power to move between floors inside buildings. Yes, it is as weird as you think. I figured the benefits were lowered electricity used and I'd even get a tad more exercise in the bargain. The downfall of that resolution was that sometimes you can't find the stairs and end up opening supply closets in office buildings, which looks really weird to office security professionals. Another unfortunate truth is that apparently few people think twice before urinating in a stairwell. Fortunately, no one feels the same way about elevators and escalators.

So your resolution may not make it past January, but you can still do the good work of self-reflection at this time of year. I just built a tool to help give you perspective on how you likely spent 2017: on your phone. Warning, the results may make you seriously uncomfortable.

Click here to use the Annual App Usage Explorer (Deprecated)

  • iOS Users: You can use battery information currently available about the last seven days. If you want to get more accurate information, install Moment and after a month or so, paste your exported data into the explorer.

  • Android Users: You'll need to install the RescueTime app on your phone and let data build up for a month before using the explorer.

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