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ScrollStopper - Social Media's Happy Medium

If you've ever stood up from a social media binge wondering where all that time went, chances are good that you were just scrolling and scrolling as items were added to the bottom of the page so that you never got to the bottom. To address this problem, I've created a simple and free Chrome Extension called ScrollStopper. ScrollStopper displays a reasonable amount of content on your favorite social media sites before stopping the site from loading more and more content.

It's time you had the option of spending a medium amount of time on social media. Adding this Chrome Extension to your browser affects the way popular social media sites load data into your browser. Once you install it, it works automatically. If you decide you like it for Twitter but not for LinkedIn, the settings allow you to deactivate it on a per-site basis.

Take a moment and install this extension and all you'll have to do is figure out what to do with all that extra time.

Link to installation page:


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