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Tech Blunders: Part 1

Maybe you remember the days when a power outage meant you lost your work in computer lab. Maybe one of your DVDs of high school photos got scratched by your Tamagotchi. Regardless of who you are, you have probably done something stupid at some point in the technology world. Below you will find a handful of my biggest tech blunders:

Busy little bee

I have never enjoyed meetings, and at my last job it seemed like most meetings had a format similar to an orchestra: one person is conducting the meeting and sees all of the work as a whole, but the rest of us are just popping in and out of attention to add our parts. This meant that for much of the meeting, when you were not directly involved, you would do other things. One day I was suffering through just such a moment when I came upon a book my mom had recently given me for my birthday called, "Beekeeping for Beginners". Having forgotten my video was on, after my part of the virtual meeting was complete, I picked up and began to read. It was no more than 10 seconds later when one of my coworkers shouts, "Dunlap is reading Beekeeping for Beginners!"

Did you get the email?

Recently I had been locked out of LinkedIn for a while (related to a security breach), but I didn't want to receive notifications from LinkedIn anymore. Rather than change my settings, which I could not access, I decided I would just filter emails containing the string "linkedin". A few weeks later, I sent an email hoping to network with an acquaintance of my wife's. In it I reference that I had been impressed by her LinkedIn profile. Weeks later, I have still heard nothing, which my wife continues to assure me is not like this person. Eventually, I come to my senses and remember the filter and find her weeks-old response. She had not included the word "linkedin"; instead it was my mention of LinkedIn in my initial email to her, which triggered the filter, which has since been destroyed.

Stay tuned for more of my tech blunders next week!


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