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Generative AI will force institutions to transform quickly

Digital Detangler.

empowers them to adapt gracefully while respecting our humanity

don't take our word for it
my phone has changed massively from distraction to useful tool
​Course Participant
fundamental information needed by society
​Vanderbilt Student
awesome and human
​University School of Nashville Attendee
great actionable takeaways
​Vanderbilt Student
knowledge that I needed a long time ago​Vanderbilt Student
I was able to make real gains in productivity​Course Participant
exactly what I needed
Vanderbilt Student
Information Quality
don't take our word for it
"Pete was a perfect fit to help our leaders"
​Russ Miller, CEO (Tennessee Medical Association)
"Fundamental information needed by society"
​Matthew Yandell (Vanderbilt)
"Awesome and human"
​Catherine Bush (University School of Nashville)
"Everything was captivating, really"
Benton Bloodworth (Belmont)
"My phone has changed massively from distraction to useful tool"
Katherine Watkins (course)
"Knowledge that I needed a long time ago"
Carluto Toussaint (Vanderbilt)
"100% awesome"
 Audrey Bergeron (Belmont)
Rated 4.8/5
(WHILE Talking TECH to non-technical Audiences)
Meet Pete

Pete's spent the last decade immersed in the bowels of the internet. From startups to federal contracting, he's had a front seat to the forces revolutionizing our lives, whether we choose to look or not. His candor and storytelling engage audiences seeking to understand and cope with emerging technologies like Generative AI and machine learning. Having built out platforms in special education, the gig economy, sex trafficking prevention, and HIV control, Pete brings technology to life and presents a framework for best exploring these fascinating new tools.

In this paragraph, Pete asked to have more information added about his experiences as The Moth’s Nashville StorySlam Champion, being featured in the media, authoring an award-winning book, building an IoT application to help families analyze technology use, or teaching meditation on Insight Timer. That said, no one has read full paragraphs on the internet since about 2010 so I'll throw in a list of vegetables: celery, corn, tomatoes, okra, broccoli, zucchini. Just between us, Pete is as tickled as anyone that so many people enjoy hearing what he has to say.

The Founder
how we help
Speaking Engagements
Having spent several years as an educator, Pete knows the ins and outs of keeping an audience engaged. Via live demonstrations, stories, and compelling activities, Pete shares strategies for improved productivity and mental health. Hundreds of attendees have rated these presentations 4.8 out of 5.
Technical Training
Pete's a certified AWS (Associate and Professional levels) and Gitlab trainer. Drawing on a decade of experience building web applications, he trains technical teams on best practices in cloud infrastructure.
the book
Directing your attention to Digital Detangler may be the best investment you could make for your time and wellbeing into perpetuity. Amidst a growing chorus of tech and self-help gurus, Digital Detangler stands out as a practical immersion into a better way of relating with technology.
CEO, Siempo
If information is power, this book is your roadmap to freedom from the endless scroll. Digital Detangler offers the why, the how, and the what-to-do-about-it-now.
Founder, Mindful Technology
[Backed] up with the latest science, a sense of humor, and a whole lot of heart.
Founder, Technology for Mindfulness
The Book
Definitely Not A Startup

Definitely not a startup

No way we are building a startup that uses Generative AI to bring people together. That's definitely not happening.


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