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Dirt-cheap, Bullcrap-free, AI-enabled

What if technology brought your people together?

Curated Calls

With a prompt to kick off your calls and a guarantee that you'll be off the phone in 10 minutes, these calls are short bursts of connection designed to deepen your relationships. The excitement of wondering which of your connections will be on the call adds a bit of fun too.

Now Available

On-Demand Calls

Going through something? In the mood to get something off your chest? Need to tell someone that you got a new gig? You can call in at any point and create your own curated call.

Coming Soon

In-Person Connections

Talking on the phone is great, but getting together in person is even better. Instead of relying on each of you to find a good time to meet and then another back and forth about whose side of town and which place, we'll text you with ideas and let you know when a plan works for you both.

Coming Soon


New Users


Hours Together



Connections Made

How Does It Work?

Elsie is many things. Complicated is not one.

No app to download.

No location tracking.

No spying.

No bullcrap.

We collect the bare minimum information about your group. Once your people opt-in, we start setting up calls between them. The calls each begin with a prompt and last a maximum of 10 minutes. Over time these calls build richer relationships, which improve their lives in all sorts of ways.


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