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The Struggle Bus (and other places I've found myself recently)

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

city bus being towed

One version of my last couple months goes something like this:

September started with a home swap that had my family based out of Idaho for a few weeks. Lots of events. Several corporate and education events in Ohio and Nashville. Speaking in Florida at the National Wellness Conference and then immediately heading to NYC (ok, so it was NJ but really close) to speak at a conference for college event planners.

Here are a few real moments:

I've just woken up at a gate in O'Hare after a red-eye from Spokane. When I fell asleep there were lots of other passengers waiting for our flight. I'm now alone. I jump up to see that my gate has changed and barely make it in time. Landing in Ohio exhausted, I shower at a truck stop and head to the event.

I'm parking my rental car behind a Walgreens three-quarters of a mile away from the venue (I refused to pay the amount I'd paid Airbnb for my last night's accommodation just to park the car on site). My roller bag isn't really rolling on the grass but things don't really spin out of control until halfway through the walk. That's when the drizzle and then heavy rain begins. I sprint the final two hundred yards as my business casual duds become soaked.

Now I'm at an event where colleges send reps to pick speakers and entertainers for the next semester's activities. I pay a tragic amount of money for 10 minutes of undivided attention from attendees and the event goes well. Unfortunately, I have to leave the event early and so I've contracted the management of my booth to a Craigslist find. As I leave I check to see if any colleges have booked me. They haven't. But I do see that a company specializing in using sticks, string, and dish soap has picked up at least five bookings. Fortunately at that point I don't yet realize that my Craigslist find is planning to chuck my promotional materials in the garbage and pocket the postage money I gave them to mail it back the next week.

The truth is I haven't found a straight line to success with Digital Detangler. In the past few weeks, I've spoken at several schools and have felt great about the response I've gotten from students, faculty, and parents. I was recently told by one attendee that I was doing what I was put on Earth to do. I love what I'm doing and desperately want to keep at it.

That said, while Digital Detangler continues to grow, I'm looking to pick up some work on the side. If you know anyone looking for an Instructional Designer, Facilitator/Trainer, or a school looking for an Educational Technologist, I'd love to chat.

Your biggest fan,


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