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College Campuses Brace for Detangling

Great news on the college speaking front! This fall Pete will be booked for speaking engagements through a university speaker bureau called Conscious Campus. He'll also be attending the National Association of Campus Activities' South and MidAtlantic conferences in September and October respectively (deprecated). As part of preparing for those conferences, we had the above video made to give colleges a sense of the scale and potential solutions to the problem of technology overuse.

Looking for more ways to engage?

Attend the Book Launch Party

The book launch party is coming up! It will be on the Friday the 29th, so mark your calendars. The location and time are still being negotiated, more on that soon.

Sign the Petition to Apple

After a colleague reached out about putting together a petition to pressure Apple to open up their permissions so that more mindful technology can be built for their phones, we jumped at the idea. Calling ourselves the "Digital Wellness Warriors," we've gained some attention in the press. It is an honor to be associated with so many great folks working hard to build a more sane future.


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