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New Things!

There are some really, really good things happening with Digital Detangler right now. Unfortunately, some have to be kept under wraps for now but here are the exciting developments we can share:

New Book!

The manuscript is fast becoming a book. The first edit has been completed and another editor is now giving a second opinion. The cover design is also in the works. We've been casing a few places in Nashville for a launch party in mid-June, so stay tuned.

New Website!

Robby from RescueTime and Pete spent some time at Wellness 360 Conference in Akron a couple weeks back and had some great conversations with folks working in HR who expressed interest in Digital Detangler. One immediate realization was that we were definitely the new kids on the block. Most of the wellness folks were chiropractors, dietitians, and fitness tracker companies. We've since worked hard to bring the website up to speed and would love to get your impressions if you have a minute: Website Feedback Survey

New Corporate Client?

Do you work somewhere where employees are distracted, stressed-out, burnt-out or otherwise in hope of a digital intervention? Digital Detangler offers speaking engagements that have been called "fundamental information needed by society." One attendee of the nine-week course described her transformation as turning her phone from a distraction into a tool. If you are interested in learning more about what we do, reach out via email to We would be honored to help your coworkers replace panic with peace.


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